Q. How many people are in a class?

Most of our crossfit classes range from 8-12 people depending on the time you come. We limit attendance to no more than 16 people. Sometimes there are as few as three or four people in a class.

Q. What’s a typical CrossFit class like?

Depending on which class you take, the speed of the class will be faster or slower based on its level. All classes have a period of time in the beginning to take care of any soar or tight muscles. Your instructor will then guide you through a warm up, followed by learning a CrossFit “skill of the day”. That is important since CrossFit routines require new skills to be learned and we hold technique as one of our #1 priorities. Finally we will, we spend 5-10 minutes dedicated to flexibility, then we move into the workout of the day also known as the ‘WOD’.

Q. Are Crossfit classes co-ed?

Our community and classes are co-ed and the friendly atmosphere makes for a fun but challenging experience. When you’re really giving 150% effort to your workout, you’re simply too focused on the routine to worry about anything else and so are those doing CrossFit with you!

Q. Who teaches the classes?

You’ll be learning and growing your endurance under the supervision of a CrossFit Surf City Certified Trainer. Crossfit Surf City trainers will help you scale the workout to your individual fitness level. We want you to challenge yourself without hurting yourself which is why we strongly encourage you to do crossfit at the gym where your instructor can help check that your form is excellent.

Q. How much do the classes cost? 

Our goal is to have you understand the real VALUE of CrossFit and not just the cost of it. For that reason, we want to invite you at NO COST to join us for an introductory CrossFit workout. When crossfit beginners finally experience how different CrossFit is from other programs, they quickly get “hooked” on the new levels of energy and stamina they haven’t experienced before. There’s simply no substitute for experiencing crossfit first hand, so call now for your private, one-on-one introductory session, absolutely FREE.

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