Workout of the Day: Saturday November 10th

"Dork (Florian)"

AMRAP in 20 minutes
33 calorie Row
15 Deadlifts (225/155 lb)
4 Rope Climbs

CrossFit Florian (Norwood, MA, USA) describes their gym as "a family, heavily comprised of Boston Firefighters and First Responders from surrounding towns." Their community was shaken on March 26, 2014 when two Boston Firefighters [Mike and Ed] made the ultimate sacrifice. This workout was named for Mike "Dork" Kennedy, who was also active in the local CrossFit community.

"Fire Lieutenant Ed Walsh of Engine Co. 33 was 43 and had just over 9 years of service with the BFD. Ed was married with 2 sons and a daughter, all under the age of 10. Firefighter Mike "Dork" Kennedy of Ladder Co. 15 was 33 and had a little over 6 years of service with the BFD. Mike was a Marine, a CrossFitter and member of the motocycle club American Infidels."

"Take solace in knowing Mike and Ed were doing what they loved to do, and the great many people they have helped in their lives. Without brave men like them, the world would be a much different place. May they both rest easy and their memories never be forgotten."

CrossFit Florian first hosted an open event featuring this workout on April 6, 2014. The gym asked participants in the workout help raise funds for the families of Mike and Ed via the Boston Firefighters Credit Union ( The workout was adopted by multiple other CrossFit gyms in the Boston area and beyond.

Gym owner Bill Malcomb tells us the significance of the 4 rope climbs is "that firehouse (33/14) resides in district 4." He also said the workout was originally created as a 20:14 AMRAP, to represent the year of Mike and Ed's passing.

Brandon Farmer